What Matters

It’s easy to get caught up reading about the startup that codes from the beach, or the other startup that was featured  in [insert name here], or that other startup that raised a bunch of money and was valued at a billion dollars (in make believe money that is).

Blah blah blah. Those are not accomplishments that matter. Raising money and getting a high valuation is not a milestone worth celebrating — it’s a reason to get to work. Don’t waste your time reading about them. Don’t waste your time trying to emulate them.

What matters is creating something that people love. What matters is solving a customer’s problem.

What matters is:

    • Shipping,  not talking or reading or dreaming. #shipit
    • Learning every single day, no exceptions.
    • Becoming a craftsman — always trying to make the thing you made just a little bit better; never saying “It’s good enough.”
    • Building a team you love.
    • Changing people’s lives for the better, making a positive difference, making someone smile when they use that thing you built.

And who matters most are the people you do it alongside: the friends, the colleagues and, most importantly, your family.

I hope you’re focused on what really matters. I know I could not do what I do without the endless support and encouragement from my friend, partner, and wife, who also happens to be an amazing mother to our children.

Remember to routinely thank those who matter most to you and to focus on what really matters.