Rubber: Multi-instance Rails EC2 deployments

This afternoon Matt Conway and George Grey sent me a note telling me about a cool Rails plugin they developed at Mobicious . Their rails plugin is called Rubber and is similar to the very popular EC2 on Rails project with one very big difference, Rubber is focused on making large multi-instance Rails EC2 deployments simple.

I haven’t had a chance to play with Rubber yet but from reading the docs and source it looks very interesting. If I were still working with Rails I’d be all over it but I haven’t touched Rails since I coded Bzzster! last spring.

These days I spend most of my time using Python and PHP without any frameworks although and Django continue to tempt me everyday. Now that we’re off of OpenAds maybe I’ll go back to Django since it proved so much fun to work with at Compete although straight PHP is so damn simple to work with and PHP coders are so damn easy to find.

We’ll see if we keep PHP in the stack as I am a Pythonista at heart…