Our Startup’s Secret Weapon

Looking back at the last 1.5 yrs since we started Performable, one thing is very clear: the single best decision we ever made was to make customer service everyone’s job.

Everyone on the team is assigned a day on our support calendar when they answer the phones, reply to all emails and proactively reach out to customers to see if they can be helpful. This customer service focus has grown from a company mantra to a company religion. Obsessive customer focus shapes everything we do, from how our dev team builds our product to how we recruit new team members.

Yesterday my co-founder, Josh Porter, gave a great talk at a MassTLC SaaS event that shares our greatest secret weapon, customer driven management.

We’re always looking to do a better job. If we missed anything please let me know below in the comments and we’ll send you an awesome Performable t-shirt.