My Favorite Boston Startup Resources

Performable Customer Development Lunch

A couple of people have recently asked me for a list of Boston startup resources. Here’s a list of my favorite local events and email lists.


  1. WebInno – The biggest web startup event in the area, everyone attends these at some point, you should too. David Biesel and the folks at Venrock do a great job organizing and sponsoring these.
  2. PopSignal – Invite only event put on by my friends Jay Meattle, Rob Go and Brian Balfour. Highest quality event in the area, small crowd, only startup founders and free drinks from great sponsors such as the crew at Spark Capital.
  3. OpenCoffee – Great meetup founded by Bijan Sabet and Nabeel Hyatt. No agendas, themes or pressure, just show up and share a coffee with fellow geeks.
  4. North Shore Web Geeks – Great event put on by my co-Founder Joshua Porter and Tom Summit in Newburyport, MA. Super geeky fun over beer and burgers. Checkout John Eckman’s great writeup of their last event.
  5. Customer Development Lunch – Of course I had to include our Customer Development Lunch at Performable. 🙂 The goal  of this event is to cross-pollinate by introducing young local entrepreneurs to the best startupers in the world. We’ve been fortunate to feature these world class entrepreneurs so far: Sean Ellis, Jonathan Mendez, Dan Martell and Dave McClure (this week!).

Up-and-commers: Two events that I haven’t attended but I’ve heard great feedback from people I trust are the Lean Startup Circle meetup and DartBoston’s Capitalize. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Email lists:

  1. Startup Digest Boston – Great weekly email list of Boston startup events.
  2. VentureFizz Newsletter – Periodic buzz newsletter curating local jobs, blog posts and company profiles.

Any great resources that I missed? Please let me know.

Ok enough reading, today is your day, get up, get outside of the building and start building your startup!

Update: Checkout the comments on this post, I missed two great resources: MassInnovation Nights and Greenhorn Connect.