Monitoring Nginx with Hyperic


At Lookery we’ve been working at adding my favorite web server Nginx to our production stack.

If you haven’t caught the Nginx bug yet you’re missing out. Nginx is a super lightweight webserver that many use in front of their overweight Apache web servers to offload asset (images, css, js, etc) serving. It’s also a great front-end proxy to your Django or Rails stack.

A while back we settled on using Hyperic as our server monitoring and alerting platform. I spent many years using Ganglia, Munin, Cacti, Nagios and a couple of home-brewed monitoring solutions before I came across Hyperic while reading the comments on Barry’s Blog (WordPress). Hyperic, despite being written in Java 😉 , has worked out well for us.

The only problem: Hyperic doesn’t ship a Nginx plugin and Google wasn’t able to find me one. So I asked Ashwin Phatak to create one for us. I finally got around to uploading it to Google Code tonight.

The plugin is very simple but if releasing it can save anyone some dev cycles we’ll be quite happy.

It’s the first of many code projects at Lookery we plan to open source.

Download the Hyperic Nginx Plugin Now