It’s bigger than Facebook

I Facebooked your mom

News of what we’ve been working on at Lookery is starting to leak out. Its always great to get press, especially when it’s Fortune , Mashable and Business 2.0 . More details to come over the next several weeks on our blog.

Scott and I started Lookery because we saw an obvious need. We also saw a lot of worthless data.

The obvious need was getting application (aka widget) developers paid ($$$), pure and simple. No dreams of drag-and-drop widget creation or widget hosting platforms that someday, just maybe, can be turned into an ad network here.

Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full

Why not just start with the ad network? Why not just focus on getting developers paid? Well that’s what lead us to dive head first (Is there any water in the pool?) into creating an ad network focused first on the obvious point of traction, Facebook.

This week we’ll be launching Lookery for the Web. Not abandoning our Lookery for Facebook publishers, quite the opposite actually, we’re growing our relationships by servicing all of their sites not just their Facebook apps.

Let us know if you have a site or app that you’d like help getting paid on.