How to Save a Disgruntled Customer

The best way to save a disgruntled customer is to provide a great customer experience when things go wrong.

Joshua Porter (@bokardo), my co-founder at Performable, wrote a great summary of  a recent post by Zendesk’s Justin Flitter on the steps to fix a negative customer experience.

Some of the steps they suggest include:

  • Make contact and call/talk to the person, asking questions that dig deeper into what happened
  • Print out the blog post and read it during a staff meeting, even a board or management meeting
  • Reply with a personal comment on the blog post from a senior person and the store manager to demonstrate awareness and appreciation

At Performable we’re obsessed with providing the best customer experience humanly possible. Sometimes we nail it and sometimes we suck. The important thing is that we continue to focus on improving it every single day and consistently WOW-ing our customers.

Why the obsession? We believe that marketing is broken and sucks today. Outbound, inbound, whatever.. At the end of the day people hate marketing and marketers. They hate marketing because it is still interrupt driven, it is still about distracting me and not about delivering value.

Our goal at Performable is to revolutionize marketing, to kill the spam, and to teach marketers that the point is delivering value to their customers, not once but over the entire lifetime of the relationship, or as Seth Godin would say “embracing lifetime value“.

Once you change your mindset to embrace the lifetime value of a customer, to focus on building relationships and not just interrupting people the more important it becomes to invest in providing amazing customer experiences.

How do you measure your customer experience?