Finishing What We Started

I’m breaking my promise…

I made a promise this past weekend to the friends who had signed up for my newsletter that I was ditching my personal blog. My intention was to focus on my newsletter over my blog as a way to finally get back to writing. Well that promise did not last long.

 I want to publicly comment on some questions that have come up this week as the news of what we have been working on at Driftt has finally been made public. Just yesterday we had a great article published on BostInno and this morning I woke up to see that we had been hunted on Product Hunt.

For the last year at Drift we have been exploring how modern consumers and companies communicate. If you’re interested in reading more about our exploration phase checkout the 3 phases of exploration post on our blog.

So where are we?

We’re back to what we started back in the Fall of 2009.

We went “Back to the Future”, back to where our obsession with building customer-driven companies, teams and software all started. Back to focusing every day on helping our customers delight their customers.

In 2009 we started Performable with a vision of bringing a unified customer view to Marketing teams in order to have them drive better experiences for their customers. 

In the summer of 2011 Performable was acquired by HubSpot. At HubSpot we narrowed our focus down to the first few steps in the customer lifecycle – attracting more leads (marketing) and converting them into customers (sales). Narrowing our focus was the right thing to do at the time and that focus turned out to be very successful for us at HubSpot. 🙏

After leaving HubSpot we spent a lot of time talking to companies everywhere trying to learn what had changed in the market. What we learned over the last year was that no company had successfully delivered at scale on the second half of the customer story we saw at Performable.

What happens after someone becomes a customer is even more important today than it was in 2009. I believe that Subscription Revenue Models are Eating the World across software, mobile, device (IoT) and offline businesses everywhere. 

With that massive shift happening and more companies depending on their customers to deliver a larger percentage of their revenue we decided to go back to finish what we had started in 2009 – helping companies better enagage with their customers.

At Driftt we believe that marketing to your customers and not strangers is the future of marketing. We call this Relationship Marketing and believe all businesses can do a better job at matching how modern customers want to experience their products and services. 

If you’re interested in learning more I invite you to check us out at Drift.

P.S. This morning I found this old video (from early 2011) describing our vision at Performable. With your help we can finish this story at Driftt.