Do you share?

Shareholic / Bzzster

If you know me then you know I like to email interesting stuff I find out on the INTERNETS.


Early this year my link emailing really got out of control and I had no choice but to create an app to streamline the process. Having all my recommendations in one central location was a bonus. This spring Jay and I launched Bzzster just to “scratch our own itch“.

Since launching Bzzster Jay and I have each emailed over 1000 links to friends via Bzzster. What’s been surprising though is how many people have found it and use it everyday. Although I haven’t had much time recently (see Lookery) to work on Bzzster Jay has been pushing things along nicely.

Shareholic Firefox Extension

A few months ago Jay created a firefox extension named Shareholic. Shareholic makes sharing with Bzzster easier plus it adds a bunch of other sharing options including Twitter, Facebook and

Jay just updated Shareholic last week with a bunch of new features and a brand new icon. We were using the common share icon for the extension but ran into some copyright issues since the project was acquired by the Share This guys.

Let me know how we can improve Shareaholic and Bzzster

P.S. Be careful with that Share Icon on your blog…