overtakes Alexa! overtakes Alexa

Congratulations to the team at Compete for eclipsing Alexa!

It was just a year ago that we launched We weren’t sure what would happen by opening up the aggregate data that we used internally. All we were certain about was that it was time to end the barrier that always stood between those who contributed the data (“users” or worse yet, “panelists”) and those who made use of that data (“marketers”).

Naturally many saw this as an unnecessary distraction at a time when our core business had just hit its tipping point. But a few of us kept pushing the idea forward and with the support of Don McLagan, our CEO, and Stephen DiMarco we were able to launch

I’d like to publically thank what I consider to be the “original” team:

Thumbs Up TJ Mahony – (Now at FlipKey)

Thumbs Up Carl Query – (Now at FlipKey)

Thumbs Up Laura Currea SUPER STAR!

Thumbs Up Jay Meattle

Thumbs Up Lauren Moores

Thumbs Up Roy Todd II

Thumbs Up Adam Tornes

Thumbs Up Max Freiert

Thumbs Up Ryan Carrigg

I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, if so please let me know.

There are many others who have worked hard to make succesful since, Thanks to all of you for taking it further than we could have imagined.