Announcing Ghostery

Ghostery is a FireFox Add-on that analyzes the page you’re on and shows you if it contains any web bugs.

Ghostery originally started out as GreaseMonkey script I created last year called Invisible Web. Turning it into a Firefox extension made it a bit more user-friendly and made updating the definitions database easier.

It’s a fun side project that I’ve been playing with for a little over a month now. In that time its been installed over 4000 times, mostly thanks to Hacker News & Reddit, been mocked by Fred Wilson, is currently featured on the homepage of CrazyEgg, and was written about by Greg Yardley.

I’ve also gotten tons of great feedback and contributions from Scott Switzer, Greg Yardley, Neal Richter, Mitch Fournier, Scott Rafer, Jay Meattle, Rex Dixon and Hiten Shah. Thanks to everyone for taking time to check it out.

Get Ghostery now. I’d love your feedback.

Have a great and prosperous 2009,