Customer (not Competitor) Focused

I was recently speaking with an entrepreneur whose company is in the same space as my previous company, Performable (which was acquired by Hubspot). He was asking how I thought they should compete with a particular competitor. This competitor is good at producing software quickly and extremely adept at copying its competitors -- they went as far as copying much of Performable's copy and product names after we were acquired.

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Your Priorities

"Truth be told, the idea of everything being in balance on a daily basis is a myth." - Dave Ramsey

Based on what I've learned from talking to people over the past decade, there is no clearer path to misery than attempting to live the lie that is work/life balance.

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What Matters

It's easy to get caught up reading about the startup that codes from the beach, or the other startup that was featured  in [insert name here], or that other startup that raised a bunch of money and was valued at a billion dollars (in make believe money that is).

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