Best Startup Lessons of 2010

I am looking forward to 2011!

This year I intend to invest more time with my family and friends, build a great company alongside an incredibly talented team, and to push myself to grow, learn and better myself.

Looking back at 2010 I am grateful for my family, my amazing team at Performable, that I get to spend my days focused on solving hard problems, and for all the great people that I have met because of this blog.

I spent a few minutes digging through my stats to see which startup posts were most popular over the last year. What amazes me is not this list of posts but that I met hundreds of people because of these blog posts. That is truly awesome, thank you.

Top Startup Posts in 2010

  1. 3 Startup Lessons I Learned the Hard Way - (October)

    • 18 Comments, 273 Tweets, 52 Facebook Likes

  2. Data-Driven Startups - (July)

    • 22 Comments, 350  Tweets, 23 Facebook Likes

  3. 3 Warning Signs That Your Product Sucks - (August)

    • 16 Comments, 109 Tweets, 3 Facebook Likes

  4. Creating a Data Driven Startup - (October)

    • 16 Comments, 46 Tweets, 1 Facebook Like

  5. 8 Startup Lessons from Constant Contact - (June)

    • 10 Comments, 190 Tweets, 1 Facebook Like

How people found these posts (referrers)

  1. Hacker News

  2. Google Search

  3. Twitter

  4. Delicious

  5. Facebook

What were the best lessons you learned in 2010?

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